Compensation Practices Survey

This year, in place of the Compensation Survey, the NJCA Committee is conducting a Compensation Practices survey to provide insight on the Total Rewards Strategies utilized by member companies. 

Compensation is a management tool that is critical for attracting, retaining and motivating employees. However, it is just part of an overall rewards package that companies offer current and prospective employees. This survey is designed to explore how companies balance the rewards offered to employees, including cash compensation, indirect compensation (e.g., benefits), career and affiliation. Specifically the survey will cover:

  • Compensation practices
  • Elements of benefits programs
  • Voluntary benefits offered
  • Other programs designed to support employees
  • Types of reward/incentive programs utilized

Participation is required in order to obtain survey results; the results are free to paid NJCA members.

Compensation Survey

The NJCA Compensation Survey covers salary and incentives for 45 professional and clerical positions. We would like to remind members that the NJCA Compensation Survey was moved to an every other year schedule beginning in 2012. Since the Compensation Survey was conducted last year, it will not be conducted again this year. Instead, it will be conducted next year, with data gathering to begin around April 1, 2014.  

The plan going forward is to conduct the compensation and salary planning survey during alternating years.

If you have questions, please contact the Survey Chair at [email protected].